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Bioaqua Massage Gel

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Bioaqua Body Heat Massage Gel

Slimming Hot Gel with Old Ginger & Chili

Highly Raved Weight Loss (250g)

  • A highly raved Slimming best seller. Bioaqua Red Chili + Old Ginger Intensive Slimming Cream.
  • Red thermo-active (fat burning) ingredients to literally melt fat away.
  • Old ginger “buang angina” to reduce bloatedness – hence, a flatter tummy.
  • For targeted weight loss – melts away unsightly bulges.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Sheds stubborn kilos. Firms up the skin.
  • A non-sticky formula that you can apply before you go to work in the morning, or evening before you retire to bed.

A Red Hot Solution to Weight Loss!

Red hot thermo-active (fat burning) ingredients to literally melt fat away. With Old Ginger to “buang angin” so that your tummy is less bloated – hence, flatter!

You’ll actually feel a heating sensation as the powerful thermo-active ingredients work around the clock to melt fat and reshape your body.

Non-sticky texture.

Feel the difference! See the difference!

A Cheep Cheep store favourite, this Bioaqua Body Heat Massage Slimming Gel helps to break down and burn excess fats, directly promotes blood and lymph circulation, fights cellulite formation and accelerates skin metabolism.

Use this gel for your body shaping and anti cellulite routine and get rid of fat deposits faster. The gel uses all natural plant ingredients based on traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific technology. The concentration of natural minerals allow to deeply nourish, detoxify, moisturize and tighten skin.

Directions for Use

Use after shower. Apply a small amount with your palm to targeted areas – upper arms, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, hips, thigh, calves. Best use twice daily for initial month.

Massage in until fully absorbed. Rinse your hands carefully after use.

You can feel a heating sensation after applying. The degree of this heating sensation may vary due to different skin type and sensitivity level in different individuals. If you do not feel extreme heating sensation, it doesn’t mean that the product is not working for you.

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